Terms of Service

Article 1. Purpose

The purpose of this Terms of Service (“Terms”) is to describe the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of you and 4Grit, Inc (“we,” “us,” “our,” or “the Company”) when using the Beusable Forum community service (“Beusable Forum”) and its website, emails, and other services (collectively, the “Services”) provided by us.

Article 2. Definition

“Member” refers to those who entered Beusable Forum and agreed to the following Terms to create an account, receiving the Services provided by Beusable Forum.

The words “include” and “including” mean “including but not limited to.”

Article 3. Validity and Revision of Terms

1. We publically publish Terms on the website so that you can access them.

2. Any matters not described in our Terms shall follow the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Framework Act on Electronic Documents, the Digital Signature Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc., theFramework Act on Consumers, the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc., our service usage guidelines, relevant laws and regulations, and commercial practices.

3. We can always modify our Terms. We are obligated to announce revisions to the Terms at least 7 days before (or 30 days before if the changes may negatively impact our members) the effective date. We will share the announcement using at least one of the following methods: a publicized notice on the website, email, text, or physical mail.

4. Any revisions to the Terms are valid from the effective date onward.

5. You may delete your account if you disagree with the revised Terms. However, we deem members who disagree with the revision yet do not delete their account within 30 days of our notice, as outlined in paragraph 3, have agreed to the revised Terms.

6. If necessary, we may establish service operation policies related to the Service use and announce them through the website or other methods.

Article 4. Account Registration and Establishment of Contract

1. If you intend to use the Services, you must follow the account registration procedures we choose, which include agreeing to our Terms and Privacy Policy.

2. We approve signup applications that follow the principles of Paragraph 1. However, we may not approve the signup request or terminate the membership contract in the following cases.
- Previous membership terminated due to violation of the Terms (except in the case you have received approval from us to create a new account)
- Identity theft
- Provided false information, omitted information, or misentered information during signup
- Other companies have deemed it inappropriate to provide you with services

3. The membership contract begins when we file the registration process as complete.

Article 5. Your Account Management Responsibilities

1. Your responsibility is to manage your Beusable Forum account, and you shall not permit third parties to use it.

2. If you find that your account has been stolen or used by third parties, you shall immediately notify us and follow our instructions.

3. If you do not follow Paragraph 2 (such as not notifying us of the situation or ignoring our instructions), we will not be responsible for any possible disadvantages that occur to you.

4. We may limit concurrent connection or use of the Services to protect accounts from illegal use, and you shall actively cooperate with the measures mentioned above.

Article 6. Modifying Your Information

1. You may view and edit your information at any time on this website.

2. If any information has changed following your account creation, you shall modify the information on the website. You are liable for any issues that occur due to the absence of updating your information.

Article 7. Notices that We Send to You

1. Unless otherwise specified in these Terms, we may notify you by email at the registered email address or via other methods.

2. In the following cases, we can substitute sending individual notices with posting the notice on the website for at least one week.
- It is difficult for us to send notices individually due to lack of or change of contact information
- The notice must be sent to a large number of unspecified members.

Article 8. Provided Services

Beusable Forum provides our members with the following services.

1. Internet community service
2. Sections and content services for members
3. All other services that Beusable Forum provides members through additional development or cooperation agreements with other companies.
4. Beusable Forum can set limitations to the Services to underaged members.
5. Beusable Forum is not responsible for issues that occur due to changes or suspension of the Services.

Article 9. Changes or Suspension of Services

1. We may change operational, technical, and other services if there are reasonable causes in operational and technical needs.

2. We may temporarily suspend the Services for any reasonable cause, such as for repair, maintenance, replacement, damages, and interrupted communication of telecommunication equipment or other operational and technical reasons.

3. We can commence scheduled maintenance when necessary for providing the Services.

4. If the Services are changed or suspended due to the current Article’s clauses, we will send a notice by Article 7. The notice shall include the date the Services will change or be suspended, the maintenance time and information, etc. However, if unavoidable circumstances prevent us from sending notices beforehand, we can post a notice after the incident.

5. If your use of the Services may affect the entirety of Beusable Forum services, we may temporarily limit your access to the Services.

6. Unless mandated by related laws, we may revise, suspend, or change a portion or the entirety of the Services we provide for free without legal compensation to members.

Article 10. Deleting Your Account and Removal of Privileges

1. You can request to erase your account information through account deletion. Beusable Forum will follow the proper procedures to delete your account information immediately after your request.

2. By agreeing to the deletion disclaimer, you cannot create a new account with the email used for the deleted account for 30 days.

3. If the following reasons apply, Beusable Forum may appropriately terminate the member's membership qualification status.
- Entering false information during the signup process
- In the case of threatening electronic transaction order, including interfering with other people's use of Beusable Forum, such as abusing the right to report posts and users, or stealing the information
- In the case of using Beusable Forum to engage in acts prohibited by the law and the Terms, or are against moral rights

4. Beusable Forum's account suspension process is as follows.
(1) Report submitted - Management determines whether the account should be suspended - We send the report recipient a notice and suspend their account - (The recipient may object - The recipient will receive a notice based on the results of the objection)
(2) If the issue is severe, such as abuse of reporting, management will immediately suspend the account

5. If Beusable Forum determines that removing membership privileges is necessary, we will terminate the account.

Article 11. Our Responsibilities

1. Following related laws and Terms, we are to provide continuous and stable services to our members.

2. We do not disclose or distribute your personal information to a third party without consent. However, exceptions are made when an investigative organization or the Korean Communications Standards Commission requests said information.

3. If the complaints or suggestions from our members are deemed reasonable, we must promptly process said complaint or suggestion. If it is difficult to process the request promptly, we must notify the member of the reasons and estimated process schedule via email or other notification measures.

4. To maintain our service, we must follow the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, Etc., the Protection of Communications Secrets Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, and other related laws.

Article 12. Your Responsibilities

1. You must follow related laws, the Terms, precautions mentioned in the guidelines, and notices we send out. You shall not interfere with our duties.

2. When using the Services, you shall never partake in the following actions. We may limit your service usage or terminate your membership if the following actions occur.

(1) Theft or fraudulent usage of other user's accounts

(2) Infringement of our rights to intellectual property, infringement of third party's rights to intellectual property, or infringement of other rights

(3) Plagiarizing, modifying, or destroying content publicized on the Services

(4) Accessing the Services and related equipment (telecommunication equipment, communication lines, servers, other equipment, software, etc.) in methods that we have not intended

(5) Assigning, lending, transferring, or disclosing analysis information and data obtained through the Services to a third party without our written consent

(6) Using a device or software that interferes or may interfere with the regular operation of our services, software, and servers

(7) Other illegal actions or violations of related laws and The Terms

3. If a member who violates Paragraph 2 uses one or multiple service accounts, we may suspend or restrict the Services for all accounts used by the member.

4. You must honestly respond to our requests to provide data, access rights, or related information when we investigate violations of the Terms.

5. You must provide information consistent with current facts to use the Services.

Article 13. Privacy Protection

Under laws related to privacy, we are to protect your privacy, which includes the personal information you provide. We abide by related laws and our Privacy Policy to protect your personal information.

Article 14. Your Content

1. “Your Content” refers to information, illustrations, text, videos, images, various files, and links you submitted to the Services.

2. You are free to submit Your Content and use the Services. However, if Your Content violates the Terms, Beusable Forum has the right to delete Your Content without your consent. The removal of Your Content is in accordance with Article 15.

3. Your Content will remain even after you delete your account, and we state this before completing your account deletion.

Article 15. Deleting Submitted Public Content

1. If the following information applies to Your Content, Beusable Forum has the right to delete Your Content without your consent, and your membership may be terminated.
(1) Slander and libel to other members or third parties
(2) Information, phrases, symbols, etc., that violate moral rights
(3) Related to criminal activity
(4) Infringement of copyright or related rights of other users or third parties
(5) Harming the interest of Beusable Forum
(6) Distribution of inappropriate content such as pornography, violence, and computer viruses.
(7) Identity theft (such as ID or name), forging or falsifying information from other members or third parties
(8) Continuous spam of content, such as advertising information, against the will of others
(9) Interference or risk of interference of stable provision of the Services
(10) Discrimination, hate speech, humiliation, commercialization of sex, etc.
(11) Violation of the Terms and other laws

2. If Your Content may violate copyright, privacy, or related laws, we will take the following temporary measures upon request of the affected persons.
(1) Request from affected persons - Temporarily hide related content - Notice to affected persons and the member who posted said content
(2) The member who posted said content may object to hiding the related content.

Article 16. Intellectual Property Rights

1. We hold the intellectual property rights on all contents (including related software, analyzed information, and related data) created concerning the providence and use of the Services.
(Intellectual Property Rights include copyright, personal right, trademark, trade dress, patents, trade secrets, industrial design rights, personal information protection rights, and other property rights.)

2. You own the copyright to Your Content that you submit to the Services. However, we own the copyright to the layout, design, etc., which are not part of Your Content.

3. You shall not use the information obtained from using Beusable Forum for commercial purposes or allow a third party to use it by copying, sharing, publishing, distributing, broadcasting or other methods without our prior consent.

Article 17. Indemnification Clause

1. If we suffer damages due to your violation of the Terms, you must compensate us for all damages.

2. We do not take any responsibility for damages caused by users concerning the use of the Services.

3. If you cannot use the Services for reasons attributable to the Company, you have the right to request compensation for damages.

4. When requesting compensation for damages, you must submit in writing the reasons and proof of damages caused by the Company.

5. If you do not submit the request for compensation within 3 months from the date you determined the issue, you may no longer request compensation for said issue.

Article 18. Exclusion Clause

1. If we cannot provide the Services due to natural disasters, war, or other uncontrollable events, we are exempt from our responsibility to provide the Services.

2. We are exempt from liability for damages caused by the key telecommunications business operator terminating or failing to provide telecommunication service.

3. We are not liable for service failures that occur for reasons attributable to members.

4. We are not liable for anticipated or loss of financial outcomes by the use of the Services.

5. The business decisions and activities acted upon the information obtained from the Services are solely the member’s responsibility, and we are not liable for any related consequences.

6. We do not guarantee or promise items not clearly defined in the Terms to members.

7. We are not liable for damages to members or third parties for reasons attributable to members. If a dispute arises between third parties and the Company for said reasons, it is the member’s responsibility to resolve it at their own expense. We will be exempt from any obligations or responsibilities (including the obligation to pay attorneys’ fees) arising in this regard.

8. We shall not bear legal responsibility for the members unless otherwise provided for in the relevant laws and regulations regarding the Services.

Article 19. Jurisdiction

1. In the case of a dispute between the Company and the member regarding using the Services, both parties shall conscientiously negotiate to resolve disputes.

2. If the dispute is not resolved during the negotiation in Paragraph 1, the court having jurisdiction over the location of the Company’s headquarters shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction.


The Terms and Conditions take effect from the first day of operation of the site.